Jeff Bell~Pilot/Owner 850-324-4359

Navarre Pier Flight

 $99 per person 

Gulf Islands National Seashore Flight 

$199 per person

Navarre Pier to Pensacola Pier 

$299 per person 
            This approximately 90 minute Introductory lesson is an experience of a lifetime! 
             You will be high  in the sky, feel the wind in your face, steer the aircraft 
    and discover what it feels like to fly a plane.

*Actual flight times may vary.  Given water taxiing time and briefing.

VIDEO or Photos   


 Digitally captured from a wing mounted

GoPro camera and given to you on an SD card or via Email

          Advanced Training           

This is for student pilots who want to learn WSC or

Weight Shift Control, a.k.a. TRIKES

  Or for those looking to get a sea rating in a trike (WSCS).

*Call for Instructional Rates*