Jeff Bell~Pilot/Owner 850-324-4359

​​​ 1. What is It? -  A machine that will get you up for that lifetime experience that you've only ever dreamt of! 

      It's a Krucker Cygnet, an FAA certificated Wsc (weight shift controlled), S-LSA (special light sport aircraft). Commonly called                  a "Trike", it's basically a super hanglider wing with a power unit and carriage attatched instead of a pilot's personal harness.

      There are three wheels, hence "trike" and what makes this particular trike really unique are its pontoons, which allow for water            operations and classisfies it as an "Amphibian" or "Amphib" for short.

      So, yes, it can take off from land or water and drive or as pilots say "taxi" anywhere!

 2.  How do I Sign Up? - Email or call 850-324-4359  Bookings are made on a first come basis and I will do all I can        to accommodate, but safety first.  Usually, mornings and evenings are best due to calm conditions.

      I'll do my best, but PLEASE be patient if I don't get back immediately. 

 3. How many people can go up? - Its a two seater airplane. The pilot and ONE passenger only!

 4. Is there a weight limit? - Yes, anyone over 250 lbs. must contact for details prior to booking as special circumstances apply.

 5. What Should I wear? - That depends on the weather, season and time of day. It's best to use common sense and be prepared.           Bring a jacket just in case in the spring, summer's are shorts/tshirt, thermals if its winter time. No unsecured flip-flops or any             loose  articles that could blow away and go through the propeller. No phones, cameras or anything loose. I have a gopro for             pictures.

 6. What if BAD WEATHER rolls in? - Safety is always the priority, so if the pilot thinks the forecast or conditions are suspect, the           flights will be cancelled and re-scheduled. This is why it is important that I have a contact number where you can be reached to           communicate "Go / NO-Go" decisions.

 7.  NO SHOW FEE?- Yes, there are some people who fall short on the integrity scale.

         There will be a $100 Non-Refundable "NO Show" fee.

 8.  Do we fly at the same time? - It is one at a time. The aircraft is for 2, that's me the Instructor and one other person per flight.          Others await their turn onshore.

 9.  Is there an age limit? - 12 year olds are usually big enough and more importantly, MATURE ENOUGH to be alone in the back              seat.  Parent or guardian must sign for anyone under 18 years of age.

 10.  Waiver form? - Yes, don't we all love our litigious world. Anyone flying will be required to sign a release waiver prior to the                flight. 

 11.  How High Does It Go? - The basic discovery can be 2000' or higher. A Sport pilot is limited to 10,000'; a Private pilot to                    18,000' and the machine depends on the engine. This one will go to nearly 14,000' with engine power alone as it has a 100HP            four stroke,  Austrian made Bombardier-Rotax 912ULS engine. Even a hanglider, with no engine can climb to 18,000' using                naturally occurring  lift. But we will NOT go those heights.  I usually go about 1000 ft. 

12.  How Fast Does It Go? - The average trim speed (hands off cruise) is about 45MPH or 40KTS.

13.  How Far Can It Go? - That depends mainly on the wind and other factors. The Cygnet has a 12 Gal tank and could travel about           200 miles under ideal conditions, but the machine isn't built for transportation and speed. Althought it can go places, it is made         for l ow and slow wind in your face REAL Flying FUN!!

14.  How Much Does an Aircraft Cost? ) - That of course depends on many options and features included, mainly the engine,                   which is often half the price. These  FAA certified  S-LSA  N-Numbered Units are between 40K - 60K+ and are proudly made in           the  U.S.A. The beauty of the Cygnet is that no hangar or associated fees are required! I just park it next to the house.  Can I buy         one?  Yes, you can. Contact me personally. Jeff Bell 850-324-4359

15. How Much Does It Cost? (Pilot License) - The Sport Pilot certificate requires less training hours than the Private Pilot                        Certificate  and so the cost is relatively lower. Specifically 15hr dual and 5hr for a Sport License, which lets you carry a passenger        and fly up to 10,000'. Total costs can be between 2K and 6k dollars depending on previous experience, learning ability and other        factors. More info available at or